Environment Consultancy


Rapid developments have resulted significant impact on the environment. During the last few years, all the concerned authorities have realized that development cannot be sustained unless the environment is protected. Hence, most of the governments in the world have made it mandatory for project owner to carryout Environmental Impact Assessment “EIA” for their existing or proposed project(s) and prepare Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans (EMMPs) so that the Environmental Quality is protected. Likewise, governments have made it mandatory for the government and private holding producing and emitting wastewater to treat the waste water before discharging it to the inland water or neighboring water body. The umbrella law of environment protection issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change(MoEF&CC) Govt. of India has Executive By-Laws which separately address air pollution, environmental impact assessment, hazardous materials and wastes, among many others.

The C&E Consultancy has consultants who hold master’s degree in Environmental Engineering/Environmental Science/ Geology, and they have deep knowledge on environmental regulations, which they advise particular clients in the private industry or public government institutions to help them steer clear of possible fines, legal action or misguided transactions.


C&E Consultancy’s range of Environmental Services include:

  • ⋙ Waste Water Management (WWM).
  • ⋙ Solid Waste Management (SWM).
  • ⋙ Water Supply Solutions.
  • ⋙ Rain Water Harvesting
  • ⋙ Storm water management.
  • ⋙ Grey water Recycling.
  • ⋙ Environmental Audit.
  • ⋙ Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA).
  • ⋙ Compliance Services.
  • ⋙ Renewable Energy Management.
  • ⋙ Biodiversity Studies.
  • ⋙ CSR activities.
  • ⋙ R&D Services.